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Cashmere Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day πŸ’• [For Her & Him]

Cashmere for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day approaches.

This day is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the year, because it is filled with a lot of love, kisses and warm hugs.

We all have someone to whom we want to make this day special.

Valentine’s Day is a period that connects with romantic dinners, nightly walks and of course gift exchange.

This day is significant for all those who enjoy the love and the benefits of a common life.

In addition to Roses and Chocolate, surprise your partner with a unique gift.

We will offer you several cashmere products that are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
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The Best Women’s Cashmere Hats and Scarves

Best cashmere hats and scarves

Winter without hat or scarf is unimaginable.

You want accessories that will protect you from the cold, and warm you at the same time, while looking great wherever you go.

And cashmere could offer just that.

It is one of the most adorable fabric, and people are always looking for hats and scarves made of cashmere.

This season, some pieces are quite unique and popular, so I’m sharing ten of the best cashmere hats and scarves you can find online.

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20 Best Cashmere Sweaters 2017 – For Men & Women

Best Cashmere Sweaters for mens and women's for 2017

Winter days are here.

It’s cold outside, but we must end our daily activities.

To protect ourselves from low temperatures, we must be well dressed.

But that does not mean we need to put on the whole wardrobe we have.

You need to choose the finest pieces of clothing that offer a lot of heat.

That’s why we offer you a list of the best men’s and women’s cashmere jumpers.

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7 Reasons to Wear Cashmere This Winter

Why cashmere this winter

Winter and cold weather have a direct impact on the way people look at least when it comes to their clothing.

Many people think about bulky sweaters, dressing in layers and dark unattractive colors when they think about the winter period.

But, the fact is that you can look equally attractive in your clothes in winter. According to many people, the material you are wearing can significantly affect the appearance of your clothes. That’s why more and more people are turning to cashmere clothes and accessories.

Cashmere, or cashmere wool, is a unique fabric that was used for hundreds of years in Asia (in the Kashmir region to be more precise). Today, people can find many different pieces of clothing made from cashmere on the Internet.

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How to Wear a Pashmina? Here Are 13 Ways

13 ways to wear a pashmina

Now, you may be looking at these Pashminas thinking; Wow, these are gorgeous but I have not a single clue as to what I’m supposed to do with it.

Don’t worry.

There’s a larger population of these people than you think, and that’s why there’s Cashmere friendly websites like this.

These are just a few possibilities of all you can do with your wonderful Pashmina.

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10 Best Cashmere Brands That Will Give Your Wardrobe a Luxurious Twist

10 Best Cashmere Brands

In case you are interested in comfortable and cozy clothes for any season, then you’ll find cashmere products an excellent addition to the wardrobe you already have.

There is a wide range of cashmere clothes that can easily be combined with other pieces of clothing.

This special fabric provides warmth when the weather is cold, but it is not very heavy and dense.

It means that you can use it even when the days are sunny and relatively warm.

In case you are searching for the best cashmere clothes, but you don’t know which brand to select, then take a close look at the list of 10 luxury cashmere brands that we love and recommend to you.

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17 Tests to Identify 100% Pure Cashmere

How to Test Authenticity of Cashmere Products

Guest post byΒ Jean from Le Meilleur Avis.

Cashmere is wool fiber acquired from the undercoat of goats that are bred to generate wool (cashmere goats).

Cashmere is rare and expensive because it can only be obtained once every year when the goats shed.

Additionally, the amount of cashmere produced by one Cashmere goat is about 8 ounces which reduce to 4 ounces when processed.

So it may take 4 goats to make one cashmere sweater.

Unfortunately, there are many fake cashmere products in the market or some that are not 100 percent pure.
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The Story of Scottish Cashmere

History of scottish cashmere

In response to demand from the UK textile industry, a cashmere fibre producing industry is being established in Scotland by a dedicated group of farmers.

Scottish reared goats are producing Scottish cashmere to enhance the quality of the finest of Scottish knitwear and accessories.

It all began in 1985 when, as a result of initial research in Scotland, several farmers recognised the benefits of integrating cashmere-producing goats into their existing farm management systems.

With support from Government Research Establishments, the Textile Industry, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the European Commission, these innovative farmers established the Scottish Cashmere Producers Association.
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Johnstons Cashmere – A Scottish Tradition Based on a Chinese Goat

Johnstons of Elgin

Cashmere is more than a fiber, it is the quintessence of luxury, and few people understand the business of luxury better than James Sugden, Managing Director of Johnstons Cashmere, now retired from the function.

If the name Johnstons doesn’t trigger images of haute couture sweater sets, perhaps labels such as Chanel, Hermes, Burberry and Saks Fifth Avenue will; considered by many as the “name behind the name” Johnstons began processing cashmere back in 1852.
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The Many Reasons to Choose Cashmere Slippers

Cashmere slippers

Many people will find that the one thing missing in their closet is a good set of cashmere slippers.

When looking at the market for slippers, you will find that cashmere slippers are one of the more popular and most luxurious indoor shoes.

However, those who are not familiar with these types of slippers, may think that a person is simply getting this type because they feel as though this is the best.

The truth is that cashmere slippers are the best you can choose from.
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