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21 Gorgeous Cashmere Sweaters Under $200

Women's cashmere sweaters

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Cashmere is a precious fabric of high quality, very soft and comfortable, that is used mainly in clothes including sweaters, coats, scarves, dresses, gloves, hats, and anything you want.

Its quality makes it very looked for and, although it is more expensive than a regular fabric, it’s worth the price, since it’s long lasting and it always looks beautiful.

10 of the best cashmere brands

Now that the cold season is back again, it is time to take out your old warm clothes out of the closet.

And if you’re tired of your old clothes, you can make a positive change in your wardrobe and get a cashmere sweater that will check both of your needs: it will keep you WARM and make you look GOOD.

It is fascinating how something as simple as cashmere sweaters can change the way others see you so radically.

But it is true.

A women’s cashmere sweater can raise both your self esteem and your public image.

It is a proof that you appreciate quality, and that you will not settle for less, which increases your authority and credibility.

Therefore, a women dressed in a cashmere sweater can only denote respect and authority.

Besides the advantage of making you look good, a cashmere sweater is also as comfortable as it can get.

Unlike most types of wool used in sweaters, cashmere can be worn with just a t-shirt or tank top underneath and even on bare skin, if you find it more comfortable.

It doesn’t sting or provoke any irritations, it simply makes you feel cozy and relaxed.

Its soft texture keeps you warm even if the sweater is not very thick, so you don’t need to worry about the cold, as it prevents cold air from penetrating the fabric.

We selected 21 gorgeous cashmere sweaters for women under 200, while most clothes are on sale at the most popular retailers.

Carefully selected and reviewed, these colorful, 100% cashmere sweaters are just the perfect picks for this season.

Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover Crew Neck SweaterCashmere Long Sleeve Pullover Crew Neck SweaterJENNIE LIU$138.00Info
Turtle-neck Long Sleeve 100% Cashmere Pullover SweaterWomen's Basic Slim Turtle-neck Long Sleeve 100% Cashmere Pullover Sweater
Cashmere Button Front Long Sleeve Crewneck Cardigan SweaterWomen's 100% Cashmere Button Front Long Sleeve Crewneck Cardigan Sweater
JENNIE LIU$127.00Info
Women's Cashmere Waffle-Knit Colorblock SweaterWomen's Cashmere Waffle-Knit Colorblock SweaterLark & Ro$158.00Info
Red Cashmere Slim-Fit Crewneck SweaterWomen's 100% Cashmere Slim-Fit Crewneck Sweater
Lark & Ro
Cashmere Slouchy V-Neck SweaterWomen's 100% Cashmere Slouchy V-Neck Sweater
Lark & Ro$158.00
Women's 100% Cashmere Slim-Fit Turtleneck SweaterWomen's 100% Cashmere Slim-Fit Turtleneck Sweater
Lark & Ro
Blue Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover V Neck SweaterWomen's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover V Neck Sweater
JENNIE LIU$107.00Info
Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover - BlackWomen's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover Turtleneck Sweater
JENNIE LIU$98.00Info
Lark & Ro Women's 100% Cashmere Slim-Fit Basic Turtleneck SweaterWomen's 100% Cashmere Slim-Fit Basic Turtleneck SweaterLark & Ro
Red Cashmere Long Sleeve V-Neck SweaterWomen's 100% Cashmere Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater
High Style$99.99Info
Sofie Women's 100% Cashmere Faux Wrap SweaterWomen's 100% Cashmere Faux Wrap Sweater
Turtleneck Sweater, Women - 100% CashmereTurtleneck Sweater, Women - 100% Cashmere - by Citizen Cashmere
Citizen Cashmere$164.95Info
Crewneck Lightweight Cashmere Sweater Crewneck Lightweight Cashmere SweaterHalogen®$89.00Info
Bateau Neck Texture Knit Cashmere SweaterBateau Neck Texture Knit Cashmere Sweater
jrew cashmere sweaterItalian Cashmere Classic V-Neck SweaterJ.Crew$198.00Info
Todd & Duncan Cashmere CrewneckTodd & Duncan Cashmere CrewneckBanana Republic$168.00Info
Womens generously cut cashmere sweaterWomens Generously Cut Cashmere SweaterLa Redoute $154.00Info
100% Cashmere Oversized Long Sleeve Raglan Boatneck SweaterCashmere Oversized Long Sleeve Raglan Boatneck SweaterJ Cashmere$159.00Info
High Style Women's 100% Cashmere Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater100% Cashmere Long Sleeve V-Neck SweaterHigh Style$99.99Info
Purist cashmere sweaterPurist Cashmere Lofty SweaterPure Collection$199.00Info

Looking good right? Well, cashmere has a wonderful characteristic: it looks good on anyone.

Because it is so light and soft, it fits perfectly on every kind of body.

Whether it’s about cashmere sweaters for men or cashmere sweaters for women, they all look beautiful and impeccably fit on anyone.

It’s the rare kind of fabric that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and shows people a great image of yourself, confident, and worth of their respect.

It is not difficult to feel good and cozy all day long, whether you are at your workplace or visiting relatives with your family.

Cashmere sweaters are the best investments for the cold season: they keep you warm, they’re soft and comfortable and, to top all that, they look beautiful for a very long time.

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    Also it comes with long lasting feature which a customer needs. You have shared a post which is the requirement of time. Each one comes with different style and look and women love to wear such wonderful sweater.

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