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How to Wear a Pashmina? Here Are 13 Ways

13 ways to wear a pashmina

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Now, you may be looking at these Pashminas thinking; Wow, these are gorgeous but I have not a single clue as to what I’m supposed to do with it.

Don’t worry.

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These are just a few possibilities of all you can do with your wonderful Pashmina.

pashmina styles
101 ways to wear a Pashmina. Image by Inga Vuljanko Desnica
  1. Simply drape over the back of your neck and shoulders keeping the ends of the scarf laced over your arms. For an even more elegant look try tying the ends of the shawl together around your back.
  2. Twist and fold your shawl in half. Then drape around your neck and pull the end of your scarf through the halfway loop.
  3. This is a lovely way to keep yourself warm when you don’t feel like bother with a jacket. With your Pashmina completely draped open, lay it flat around your back and shoulders, toss one end over your shoulder and spread the other end in front of you.
  4. With your Pashmina bundled thin, wrap it twice around your neck, leaving it fairly loose, and tie a nice knot with the very ends of your scarf. You can leave the knot centered or off to the side.
  5. With your Pashmina bundled thin, lay the middle of your Pashmina in front of your neck wile wrapping the ends around so that they lay in front. Then do a criss-cross with the ends.
  6. Let your Pashmina spread out fully, and then simply lay it across your front and have the ends drape across your back.
  7. With your Pashmina spread fully and drawn taught across your back and arms, use the front ends to tie a firm knot.
  8. Spread your Pashmina around your hips and tie a knot on the side.
  9. This is a lovely head scarf style, which you can do a little easier with our specialized headscarves. Lay the Pashmina across the top of your head and take one end, draw it under your chin and throw it over your shoulder.
  10. Lay the Pashmina in front of you, throw one end over the back of your shoulder and draw that same end over your other shoulder.
  11. Twist your Pashmina thin, lay it across the front of your neck and wrap the ends around so they come across both your shoulders.
  12. With your Pashmina fully draped out, lay it across your back and simply cross both ends in front of you.
  13. Though this cool look may seem complicated, it’s really just an easy flick of the wrist once you understand it. Twist your Pashmina thin, fold it in half and lay it as if you’re going to do look # 2. But you need to lay the loop flat across the front of you so you can do a bit of weaving. Take one end, let it go over one side of the loop and under the other, and do the opposite with the other side, letting it go under the first loop and over the other.

This is what we know about wearing a pashmina. Do you know some other ways? Share your thoughts below.

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