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9 Online Stores To Buy Premium Cashmere in 2017

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Cashmere Mania never sleeps. We’ve analyzed the 9 places on the web for secure shopping of premium cashmere clothing.

Whenever someone mentions cashmere, people usually think about luxury items that enchant everyone with their comfort & beauty.

10 of the best cashmere brands

They are right!

Because cashmere is still one of the BEST fabrics used in clothing and other products.

You know..for many centuries, wearing a cashmere shawl, cashmere scarf, or other cashmere products was considered to be a symbol of elegance and style.

So, when you are buying products like this, you are investing in your beauty and comfort.

That’s simple.

Today, people can buy cashmere products online which makes the process of shopping simpler.


Not all of these online stores provide cashmere products with the same quality.

They don’t have the same level of customer service either.

Here in this article, I will analyze 9 online stores where you can buy premium cashmere and stay out of worries that you won’t get the value you paid for.

1. Naadam Cashmere

Naadam Cashmere
Naadam Cashmere

Those looking for cashmere with exceptional quality can’t go wrong with Naadam Cashmere.

This is one of the rare online stores where buyers can purchase premium quality cashmere products.

They have established a connection with local herders in Mongolia and in return they deliver the finest cashmere.

So, when shopping from Naadam Cashmere online store, you can rest assured that you are getting products from a store that has first access to rare materials and where there is no middle man to increase the final price of these products.

The products found in this store are advertised as healthy for the people, the economy and the environment too.


As the name suggests, was one of the first online stores dedicated to products made of this special fabric.

This store was founded by people who had years of experience in this industry.

The main objective was to establish a place where customers can find products with the ultimate quality for the best price.

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Every product you can find on Cashmere is carefully handpicked and tested.

With the help of, users can understand what makes cashmere so special and better than almost any other type of fabric.

Another thing that’s great about is the user-friendly interface on their website which makes the shopping experience unique.

3. Repeat Cashmere

Repeat Cashmere
Repeat Cashmere

The Repeat Group, a well-established fashion company founded in 1978, has decided to open a separate company dedicated to cashmere.

Repeat cashmere established its first stores in Amsterdam and Bern.

Today, they have flagship stores in 4 European countries and in 13 cities.

However, with the advance of online shopping, this company has witnessed even greater expansion.

Their online store is among the favorite online stores of many cashmere enthusiasts.

The reason for this is simple – they are not only offering high-quality cashmere products, but they are also providing trendy and fashionable products.

They have products made of cashmere for women and men.

4. NakedCashmere


NakedCashmere is an online store focused on cashmere that became popular thanks to its efforts to break the conventional wholesale/retail model.

The management of this company has decided to move all their operations on the Internet.

This means that they don’t have a physical store.

In this way, they were able to reduce the price of their exclusive cashmere goods for 50%.

Today, NakedCashmere has one of the largest collections of cashmere products available online.

In addition to the great women’s and men’s pieces of clothing made of cashmere, they also have some great accessories like gloves and ponchos too.

5. Nordstrom


Nordstrom is present in the fashion business for more than a century.

Over all these years, they have realized that following the latest trends is one of the things that can help them keep their business successful.

This is the reason why they have decided to sell clothes online.

One of their most successful products are the ones based on cashmere.

The cashmere products found in this online store are made from the finest cashmere yarn.

They are also very stylish and elegant.

All the items found in Nordstrom’s online store are durable, fashionable and comfortable.

This is exactly what people should look for from cashmere products.

6. Pure Collection

Pure Collection

Pure Collection was established in 2002.

The main goal of this British company from the beginning was to create a one-stop online shop for every individual interested in the planet’s finest cashmere.

Today, this online store is known worldwide.

But, it’s not just the quality of their cashmere products that attracts thousands of customers.

Namely, it turns out that they are offering products at more than reasonable price.

On top of that, all their products look modern and stylish and they are crafted by true experts in this field.

They were also the first brand in this industry with completely sustainable cashmere production.

7. TSE


TSE was established in 1989 which makes it one of the oldest companies in the cashmere companies that are currently successful online too.

Back then, TSE was focused on increasing the awareness of the quality of cashmere.

They were among the first companies that have introduced modern models of cashmere-based clothing, turning it from traditional to modern.

Today, people from every part of the world can buy premium-quality products from TSE.

This popular online store is delivering cashmere products that reflect the luxury and quality of this material to every corner of the world.

They also have a great customer service.

8. Kinross Cashmere

Kinross Cashmere
Kinross Cashmere

Kinross Cashmere is the most successful brand of Dawson Forte Cashmere.

The brand was established about two decades ago as part of a famous cashmere company from Kinross, Scotland.

Nowadays, they are still among the best companies in this field even though they are located in the United States now.

Kinross Cashmere produces and sells products that are made according to strict cashmere production standards followed in Europe.

Every product found in their offer is designed with style, comfort, and affordability in mind.

Although we are talking about some of the finest cashmere products found on the Internet, the prices are reasonable.

9. Lark & Ro

Lark & Ro
Lark & Ro

Now here’s another example of a successful online store where you can buy premium cashmere products.

Lark & Ro is focused on the needs of women who are practicing active lives.

They are offering products that will make women look attractive and fancy at any part of the day and night.

Their cashmere sweaters, dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories are very practical, but they are also very stylish and trendy.

It seems that the designers from lark & Ro have found a way to make the perfect combination of modern and classic look and create the ideal cashmere products for women of all ages.

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