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Beautiful Cashmere Touch Screen Gloves for Ladies


Winter without cashmere is unimaginable, but also life without smarthphones and tablets.

What happens when you walk in the park and try to text an email to your friend, while the temperature is below freezing? Your fingers get so cold you can’t type and some touch screens don’t work well with cold fingers.

But thanks to a French designer, now you could keep your fingertips from getting so cold and also use you digital device without any problem.

We feature this fine cashmere gloves that let you use your phone with touch screen while protecting your hands and from the cold weather.

Made of 95% cashmere and 5% conductive yarn, this gloves will keep your digits warm and digital devices working for winter 2015 and beyond.

About colors, you can chose between navy, gray and black.

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Citizen Cashmere


Light Gray, Navy Blue


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95% Cashmere, 5% conductive yarn


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