Hat and Gloves Cashmere Set – White
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Hat and Gloves Cashmere Set – Hand Knit


Why buy one cashmere product when you can enjoy in two of them?

As you probably know, cashmere is used in many different accessories, but most people still associate this material with hats and gloves.

Well, this is exactly what this set brings – durable, elegant and practical women’s hat and gloves.

This one size fits all products are extremely durable thanks to the double ply.

On top of that, they provide many different options for combinations because they are available in black, red, purple, plum, eggshell white, and camel color.

The best part is that this set comes with a reasonable price.

Additional Information


Citizen Cashmere


100% Cashmere


Black, Camel, Plum, Purple, Red, White


Hand wash or Dry clean


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