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Terms of use

In order to use cashmeremania.com or other web application supported by Cashmere Mania, you should agree with below specified conditions of use. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use this website. We own the right to make total or partial change of these conditions noticing 15 days before and after the change(s). You should check the terms and conditions always through the Cashmere Mania website. If you consistently use this website, it means that you accept the changes to the terms and conditions.

Restrictions on use

Cashmere Mania website is owned and supported by Cashmere Mania private business. The contents of Cashmere Mania website is copyrighted according to national legislation and also in accordance with legislation in other countries. Except for appointed materials, it is not allowed copying, reproduction, distribution, publication and release of the same. You may download material for your personal use, but with non-commercial purpose. It is in conditions to receive all royalties or similar restrictions contained in some materials included in the Cashmere Mania website. Alteration and use of the material for other purposes is a violation of copyright. “Cashmere Mania” and other trademarks, names and logos of Cashmere Mania are owned by Cashmere Mania and certain affiliates. The use of some of our trademarks, brands or other content from Cashmere Mania website, except as described in the Terms and Conditions is strictly prohibited.

WebSite’s Quality Guarantee

Cashmere Mania website presents without any guarantee of competence or integrity or availability of materials on the website of Cashmere Mania. Cashmere Mania does not guarantee availability at any time and without error or that the Cashmere Mania website or the servers that make it available are free of viruses and other values.

Links from other sites

Cashmere Mania is not connected with sponsors and representatives of some other websites. We categorically disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy, content or validity of the information on pages that link to Cashmere Mania website. We cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with the specific products and services that we recommend on Cashmere Mania website.

Limitations of Liability

In any case Cashmere Mania cannot be held under the direct or indirect, incidental or consequential loss arising from use of the Cashmere Mania website, even if Cashmere Mania or authorized officer of Cashmere Mania was warned of the possibility of such damages.


In case of copyright violations, you will be obliged to indemnify Cashmere Mania, in compliance with legislation. If you provide information and materials from the Cashmere Mania site and use for unfair commercial purpose, you will owe indemnification to Cashmere Mania and all affiliates and contractors of Cashmere Mania, which is affected by your dishonest actions.


The conditions of use will be in compliance with national legislation. You agree that the process which would arise out of or related with these terms and conditions will be initiated in United States, and will be in charge of the relevant jurisdiction. Changes in the conditions of use could be introduced only in the agreement of both parties.

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